Calling all Angels with or without DiGi phone plans! If you’ve got a pocket with room for a new phone at a way lesser price, then read on because we’ve got a little agenda up for you!
In line with the “Pakej Komunikasi Belia” campaign as announced by the government, we’re offering you RM 200 off selected smartphones along with our postpaid and prepaid plans so you can take your pick on what suits you best while saving up on cash. Staying connected has never been easier!
With a phone line up of the Samsung Galaxy Y, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and even the Apple iPhone 5, there’s no reason for you NOT to own a smartphone now.
It’s sleek, it’s stylish and everybody wants a piece of it so what could possibly be wrong about it, right?
To grab your share of RM 200, just hop on along here and check on your eligibility as well as steps to register for your vouchers! Biiiiiiiiiig on coverage, biiiiiiiiiig on savings!