Sunday, 20 January 2013

Make Money With a Blog

How to make money with a blog

Many people want to make money online, and one way is to create a blog. Create a blog is easy, if you do not know can start right here for FREE. Needless dizzy, do not necessarily know how to write or write new can create a blog. Just so you know how many people have been making money with a blog just by displaying the pictures and videos without any published papers or short stories. you just need a little creative. Ok for those who want to follow step by step can start now.

Just choose from the link bellow to start creating your own Blog:


Follow this step if you want to successfully make money with your blog - 5 days required:

First Day
Sign at any free blog above, and select themes that are available, see the result. 

Second Day
Enter the three [3] regardless of post, a picture, video or your own story. 

Third Day
Make ping ping works, what are they? Ok this table intended for us to tell the world of the existence of this blog or to bring traffic to your blog. The simplest formula for us to remember [Traffic = Money]

Fourth Day
Submit the URL of your blog to search engines and web 2.0 the top-top la sheet

Day Five
Sign up in top affiliate programs and put into our blog affiliate code provided, to easily understand "why this person already confirmed he paid".
1. Adsense -
2. Nufnang -
3. Adverlets -

 not to put many ads in your blog people will get dizzy with your blog.

When you've finished all the get a rest for one day, repeated and continued doing the step until 60 days. Then you will see the money will flow into your account as the river water flowing incessantly.


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